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What you get when you book a Pony Party

Our Ponies are hand led and you get a Pony not a horse.

there is a 60lb weight limit ponies can carry

Our Pony Parties are great for all occasions. to name a few: Birthdays, family reunions, block parties, commercial events and the holidays .

Pony Ideas

Princess Pony

Unicorn Pony

Indian Pony

Circus Pony

Knight Pony

Cowboy Pony

The ideas are Limitless

You get a riding pony and a pony to pet for those that are uncertain about riding. Each pony will have their mane and tail decorated to the theme of the party and the riding pony will have a matching saddle pad or costume. The petting pony will be decorated in the same theme, but no saddle.

we have 2 wheeled carts to be decorated in most themes as well.

we offer carriage

rides call details

all ocassions.

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